Monetized YouTube Channel & Account 2020


Monetized YouTube Channel & Account 2020

N.º de producto: Monetized YouTube Channel & Account 2020

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Plazo de entrega: 3 días laborables

El precio incluye el IVA


If Monetized Channel Isn’t Your Choice, You Can Refer +4000 Watch Hours & 1000 Subscribers For Monetization.

Clean Channel & No Copyright Or Comunity Strikes
Monetization Is Enabled & Can Be Put ADS On Video
Easy To Change The Niche With Real Subscribers.
Got 4000 Watch Hours &  +1000 Real Subscribers
All Of Channels Have The Similar Niche ( Vlog, Entertaiment or Education. )
Delivery Within 3 Days

How Do I Buy Youtube Account

1. Click to buy a monetized Youtube account.

2. Select the type of channel you want to buy, fulfill the information in the order form and pay.

3. You will receive a confirmation email with a receipt to make sure everything goes right.

4. After that, your order will be delivered within 24 - 48 hours normally ( maximum 72 hours. )

5. You receive the information of the channel and manual table through email.

Note: Please make sure we have had a discussion before you buy, we will support you and bring the best satisfaction.

Term & Condition

– Does my channel have a warranty?

We are not responsible for any reason like the channel get strikes or claims from videos, songs, and images that you upload because it depends on many elements. It is nearly impossible to determine which exact problem is and why.  All purchases of Services are made at your own risk. Due to this, we cannot refund after services have been completed if this has occurred to an account/content.
All purchases of Services are made at your own risk. Due to this, we cannot refund after services have been completed if this has occurred to an account/content.

After customers receive the channel, we spend 3 days for the customer on checking the channel to change the password and other information on the channel, do not upload any videos at this time to be guaranteed. We suggest the client changes the password after 24 hours after receiving the channel and log in from the new IP Address.

Afterward, we will not be responsible for anything that happens to your YouTube channel, including channel being demonetization, disabled or anything else.

– Refund/Replacement Policy:
All Sales are Final. No refunds after accounts are delivered. While checking time within 3 days, if it has any problems from our side, we will check and bring the new one for the client.

Note: Follow, Comply the YouTube’s policy, Google and our tips to run a Monetized Channel in the manual table, your channel will work fine.

Why  YouTube Disapproved My Adsense Account?

If monetization is disabled for your YouTube channel, it could be for several reasons. Any of these actions could result in the suspension of payments:


Here’s the way that can help you guys RE-ENABLED your DISABLED MONETIZATION status within 48 hours :

1: Create a new Google Account  ( Use Your Correct Information )

2: Log on YouTube by new Google Account and create a new channel

3: After that, it will show a tab of the new channel, please click at “YouTube Studio”

4: Scroll Down At The End Of Page > Creator Studio Classic > “Skip”.

5: Open Monetization Tab > Click at“Enable” option of Monetization Row to show the page to Sign Up Google Adsense through YouTube

Step 6: It will show 4 steps to Apply For Monetization but just do Step 1 and 2

7: Click at the option “Start”, Read and Agree With YouTube Partner Program Term ( Tick ✔️✔️✔️ at the bottom )

8: Click at the option “Start” of step 2 then start the sign-up Google Adsense account.

9: Fulfill exactly your information in “Signing-up form” ( Sign-up as Individual, not business. )

10: Your Google Account will be reviewed within 24 hours and then it’s active.

11: After reviewed, open Google Adsense account, click at > Account > Access and authorization > User management > Invite your old disable monetization account as new Administrator.

12: Open your old Google account and accept the invitation request by click at the phrase ” visit this link ” and close the tab without doing anything.

13: Open YouTube Studio > scroll Down At The End Of Page > Creator Studio Classic > “Skip” > open THIS LINK .

14: Click at Blue Link & Click “Change” to change another Google Adsense account.

15: Click at Accept Association > Redirect > Refresh Your Page > Done.

Click here to watch Tutorial Video.

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